New iTunes URL!

We apologize for any inconvenience that might arise from our name change to Allergic to Gutin.  For those of you who enjoy listening to Allergic to Gutin through the iTunes store, we have a new URL.  Just click the link below and subscribe.  Thanks again and remember… Take your medicine!


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Episode #1: Meet Us Halfway…

This week, on a liquid-capped Allergic to Gutin, Uncle Rus and Dr. Clark discuss the pratfalls of online gaming, how Egypt’s revolution arouses Karl Rove and why Stallone’s immortal classic, “Over the Top” secures Mr. Kenny Loggins’ spot in beard and rock and roll history.  Plus, Clark’s spa day and a stop over at Laura Bell Bundy’s “Cooter County”.  Take your medicine!

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Episode #0: Double Dose

The Dr. is in and this week on the very first and very special extended episode #0 of ALLERGIC TO GUTIN… Rus & Dr. Clark welcome their first guest, Rus’s brother Mr. Jonathan Gutin, to sit in for a sweeping in-depth interview about what it’s really like to be put in a dryer and go to retard camp with his big brother, only to be ridiculed by him on stage in public years later. Plus, Mr. Rogers in “Assassin’s Creed”?  Egypt needing Al Franken and a dark and stinky tale of Rus’s recent return to background acting. Take your medicine!

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The Glory Hole Has Become “Allergic to Gutin”!

That’s right, True Believers!  If you listened to Episode #3: End of Line, then you know that the name of this podcast will be changing to “Allergic to Gutin”!  Right now our new URL, will redirect you to the old home page, but in the near future all traffic to will be directed to the new URL.

We thank each and every one of you who has been listening from the beginning and hope that the name change doesn’t inconvenience you.  The next episode that goes up will be the first under the “Allergic to Gutin” banner, ushering in a new era of earhole entertainment!

Thanks for listening and we’ll keep you updated in the coming weeks, including any changes occurring on the iTunes store!

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Episode #3: End of Line

Rus and Clark find themselves at the center of a social media firestorm and knee deep in legal intrigue over the national controversy surrounding the name “Glory Hole”.  Join us for the tears, the laughs, Mila “Sweet Lips” Kunis and the tequila as our “Glory Hole” becomes “Allergic to Gutin”!

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Episode #2: The Two Stooges

Rus and Clark discuss Mel Gibson’s evil plan to subvert The Three Stooges, Tom Selleck’s finer works and the remake of True Grit.

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Now on iTunes!

Now you can catch a little glory on iTunes.  Click the link below or search for Rus Gutin’s Glory Hole in the iTunes store and subscribe!

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Episode #1: Robojunk

Rus and Clark wax about Shirley Temple putting black people in danger, RoboCop’s sexy memories, and telling cancer to go fuck itself.  Open your earholes & catch a little glory…

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Episode #0: Through the Gloryhole…

Welcome one and all to the exciting pre-first episode of Rus Gutin’s Gloryhole, where Rus and Clark discuss texting, Tron and breaking the ice!

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