Episode #2: The Two Stooges

Rus and Clark discuss Mel Gibson’s evil plan to subvert The Three Stooges, Tom Selleck’s finer works and the remake of True Grit.

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4 Responses to Episode #2: The Two Stooges

  1. Rus and Clark are like the Devito & Schwarzenegger twins if Siskel and Ebert had been their adorably gay parents. Plus, if you’re really cool they might give you a viking name.

    So speakith Ingerskull.

  2. RUS GUTIN says:

    Rus would like to state that he acknowledges he mixed up Tom Selleck for Burt Reynolds when referring to “Cop & A Half”. But in Rus’s defense, both of them are white men with majestic mustaches and burning with raw machismo and charisma. They should each take it as a compliment, so you’re welcome gentlemen…And for all you kids out there, here’s that 10 year anniversary set Uncle Rus recorded @ The Ha-Ha only a few hours after we laid down Ep. 2. Hope Jew have a laugh…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0jsOPiEfGY

  3. clark says:

    Yeah… and Catherine Keener wasn’t in “The Kids Are Alright”. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she was.

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