The Glory Hole Has Become “Allergic to Gutin”!

That’s right, True Believers!  If you listened to Episode #3: End of Line, then you know that the name of this podcast will be changing to “Allergic to Gutin”!  Right now our new URL, will redirect you to the old home page, but in the near future all traffic to will be directed to the new URL.

We thank each and every one of you who has been listening from the beginning and hope that the name change doesn’t inconvenience you.  The next episode that goes up will be the first under the “Allergic to Gutin” banner, ushering in a new era of earhole entertainment!

Thanks for listening and we’ll keep you updated in the coming weeks, including any changes occurring on the iTunes store!

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One Response to The Glory Hole Has Become “Allergic to Gutin”!

  1. Jake Belcher says:

    I think it is a much better name. Now instead of luring in down low brothers looking for their strange, you can attract people with allergy fetishes. UPGRADE!

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