Episode #0: Double Dose

The Dr. is in and this week on the very first and very special extended episode #0 of ALLERGIC TO GUTIN… Rus & Dr. Clark welcome their first guest, Rus’s brother Mr. Jonathan Gutin, to sit in for a sweeping in-depth interview about what it’s really like to be put in a dryer and go to retard camp with his big brother, only to be ridiculed by him on stage in public years later. Plus, Mr. Rogers in “Assassin’s Creed”?  Egypt needing Al Franken and a dark and stinky tale of Rus’s recent return to background acting. Take your medicine!

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2 Responses to Episode #0: Double Dose

  1. clark says:

    Guti and a Clark

  2. RUS GUTIN says:

    Here is Mr. Jonathan Gutin’s surprise roast from Uncle Rus’s 2009 DVD special, “LIVE IN PHILLY”. Remember, there is nothing more brotherly than calling your brother a retard in public. You’re welcome graciousness.

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