Episode #1: Meet Us Halfway…

This week, on a liquid-capped Allergic to Gutin, Uncle Rus and Dr. Clark discuss the pratfalls of online gaming, how Egypt’s revolution arouses Karl Rove and why Stallone’s immortal classic, “Over the Top” secures Mr. Kenny Loggins’ spot in beard and rock and roll history. ┬áPlus, Clark’s spa day and a stop over at Laura Bell Bundy’s “Cooter County”. ┬áTake your medicine!

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2 Responses to Episode #1: Meet Us Halfway…

  1. RUS GUTIN says:

    UNCLE RUS wrote this sketch with Country siren & Broadway legend MS. LAURA BELL BUNDY 4 her hilarious as balls new web-series, “COOTER COUNTY”! It’s called “VALENTINE’s VAGAZZLE” W/ TATIANA…”You take the “vag”; you take the “gazzle”; and there you have, “The Facts Of Vagazzle.”

  2. RUS GUTIN says:

    KENNY LOGGINS…Greatest singer ever? OR, GREATEST…SINGER…EVER? loggins5.jpg

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